Thursday, 21 April 2016

3 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Isn’t Working

To have a fully working kitchen sink, you need a garbage disposal that works as it should. Pay attention to the following symptoms so that you know when to get yours fixed.

Harsh Noises

Garbage disposals are loud, but if you notice that yours is louder than usual, then it is likely a sign that something has broken. It may just be a minor change or a deafening noise. Either way, get it inspected because it could be a sign that the blades are broken.

Backed Up

If you turn on your garbage disposal and notice that water is backing up into your sink, then it is a sign something has gone wrong. Water rotates but nothing is actually getting broken down.

Food Is Not Getting Broken Down

The whole point of a garbage disposal is to be able to break apart pieces of food. If it is unable to do that, then you need to look into getting a repair or replacement. The issue could be that the blades have become worn out and need to be sharpened. Another problem entirely could be present.

Garbage disposals can be dangerous to fix on your own if you do not have the proper training. If you are having problems, contact a professional. Visit this website for effective garbage disposal repair in Carmel.

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