Friday, 6 May 2016

3 Common Water Heater Problems

When is the last time you used your hot water? You probably don’t have to think too hard. Between washing the dishes, cooking and taking baths or showers, most families use their hot water every day. If you suddenly find your home without hot water, it could be suffering from one of several common water heater problems.

The Water Is Too Cold

If your hot water doesn’t stay hot for long, or if it isn’t hot at all, your heating element is probably on its way out, if it hasn’t already died completely. It will need replaced to return your water to its former glory.

The Water Is Discolored

Has your home’s water suddenly become cloudy, rusty or otherwise discolored? In many cases, the problem is a dissolved anode. Rust in your water can cause serious health problems, so be sure to fix the issue before using 
the water again.

The Water Heater Is Leaking

Sometimes you’ll notice a puddle of water under your water heater. The culprit is usually the temperature and pressure valve. If tightening doesn’t fix it, replacing it should solve the problem.

You should never do your own repairs on your water heater unless you are experienced. Inexperienced homeowners risk causing larger, more expensive problems. Click here to learn more about water heater repair in San Marcos.

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