Monday, 9 May 2016

Signs Your Drains May Have Issues

How often do you use your drains? Between washing dishes, rinsing away food debris, brushing your teeth and showering, your family relies on your home’s drains dozens of times per day, so it is important they remain in good working order. Consider the following symptoms when determining if you have drain problems.

All of Your Drains Are Slow

If your drains suddenly begin emptying the sinks and tub at a snail’s pace, it could indicate there is a clog somewhere in the system. If only one drain if affected, the clog is likely close to it. If many are affected, you could have a bigger problem.

One Drain Backs Up When You Use Another

Has the shower drain ever gurgled when the washer was running? Does flushing the toilet cause the sink drain to erupt a bit? If so, there is likely a large clog in the system somewhere. It is vital to hire a professional, as ignoring the problem often results in burst pipes.

Your Drains Are Stinky

Do you smell something a little off near your drains even after you clean them? The problem could be bacteria buildup due to blockage. In some cases, part of the sewer light may be deteriorating and causing the problem.

If you suspect something is wrong with one or more of your drains, you should call a professional. Visit this website to learn more about drain cleaning in Scotts Valley.

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