Monday, 9 May 2016

What’s That Smell? Signs of Sewer Line Problems

You might be hesitant to call on the services of a plumber unless you’re certain there’s a problem with your sewer line. Here are a few signs that can indicate that a problem exists in your sewer line and a plumber’s expertise is required.

• Gurgling, gargling noise coming up from sink or bathtub drains
• Water is draining slower than usual
• A constantly wet or sunken spot appears in your yard, especially if you detect a bad odor coming from the spot
• Age of your pipes is nearing or surpassing their life expectancy

When in doubt, keep in mind that the total damage to your home that can result from a broken sewer line, over time, can become significantly more costly to fix than the cost to repair the original break. Your home’s foundation, walls, exterior and landscaping will be at risk of expensive repairs.

Major repair of your home’s sewer lines is not a task that homeowners are equipped or experienced to tackle. Professional services are preferable, even for sewer cleaning, because using a snake on damaged or compromised pipes can cause more damage. You can find sewer cleaning in San Marcos to take care of the problem at the first signs that your sewer line needs to be fixed.

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