Monday, 9 May 2016

Telltale Signs of Eroding Water Lines

Hiding behind the walls of your home, threading through the attic and waiting silently in your basement is a potential threat that you might not recognize is there. The culprit?Rusting, eroding water pipes.

While the description above sounds a bit dramatic, and maybe it’s not as sinister as all that, on the other hand, you might be at risk of experiencing substantial damage to your home and belongings if you don’t take steps to proactively address the situation. Here are a few telltale signs of eroding water lines to keep in mind.
• Small, visible leaks showing up here and there throughout the house.
• Check color of water when you fill bathtub (good to test after returning from vacation when water has been sitting in the pipes for a few days). If it’s yellow or brown, it can indicate erosion.
• Confirm the type of pipes installed in your home, and check their age against the life expectancy.

These indicators of impending corrosion and weakening of your home’s water lines are signals that you might need a professional inspection by a plumber. Remember, although it’s not a monster in your basement, it might be a destructive force that you want to control before it escapes. Contact your local plumber for water line replacement in Encinitas.

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