Monday, 9 May 2016

3 Reasons to Dial a Plumber

What do sinks, bathtubs and toilets have in common? The answer is that they each require water to function properly. And where there’s water, there’s plumbing. Water and plumbing go hand in hand. And when something happens to interrupt that union, that’s when you’ll want to call in a plumber to provide professional services and make repairs. Also, when you’re ready to upgrade the plumbing in your home, use the services of a plumber.

Here are three good reasons to make the call to a local plumber.

• You’ve noticed mildew growing on walls, floors, ceilings or around fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen. A hidden leaky pipe might be source for the wet environment that encourages the growth and spread of mildew.
• You’re ready to replace your old hot water heater with a newer, energy efficient model, or make the switch to a low flow shower head to reduce water waste.
• Flooding of shower stalls from slow draining water that might be caused by a clog that won’t respond to a simple drain cleaner application.

When pipes are broken, it is critical to call a plumber before extensive, and costly, damage results. Also, a plumber can help you install upgraded fixtures properly. Call today for an experienced plumber in Carlsbad.

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