Friday, 13 May 2016

What to Do if You Suspect a Gas Leak

Natural gas is the most common energy source for cooking and home heating. It’s also:

• Not toxic
• Colorless
• Lighter than air

Although natural gas is generally safe, it’s also highly combustible under the right conditions. That’s why it’s important to respond properly if you suspect a leak.

Call Your Utility Provider

Once you think a leak is likely, vacate the area and call your utility company. It’ll probably have a dedicated number for such emergencies, and there’s a good chance the call will be free.

Don’t Smoke or Use Electronic Devices

Smoking cigarettes and using electronic gadgets — including cell phones — could cause sparks or static electricity that makes the gas leak ignite. Keeping this tip and the one above in mind, be sure to go to a neighbor’s house if you only have a cell phone to use when alerting the utility company.

Let Professionals Find the Leak

Some people think it’s best to try and locate leaks before experts arrive, but taking that approach could be very dangerous. Stay clear of the area and allow professionals to use their experience to determine if there’s a problem.

Some plumbers are certified to handle gas leaks and make repairs, making them good resources. For further information about gas leaks and gas line repair in Chapel Hill, click here.

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