Friday, 13 May 2016

5 Things That Should Never End Up in Your Sewer

Having a backup in your sewage system is not an experience you ever want to have, and local water treatment facilities may not be able to filter everything out of your water before it ends up back into the waterways or in natural water reserves. For these reasons, make sure these five things never go down your drain.

Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals like paint, cleaning products and solvents cannot be fully removed from water during treatment. That means they can end up harming plants, animals or even your family when contaminated water returns to the waterways.

Grease, Oils and Fats

There’s a reason your grandma kept the bacon fat in a can by the stove. Grease, oils and fats can solidify when they cool and clog your pipes.

Paper Towels

Toilet paper is made to easily break down in septic tanks. Unfortunately, paper towels were not, and flushing them can cause sewage backups and overflows.


Medication may also not be fully filtered out by water treatment plants. This means that traces of the medication may end up in nature or drinking water.

“Flushable” Products

Many products like flushable cat litter and flushable wipes are misleading. Though they claim to breakdown in septic tanks, that is often not the case.

Keeping these five things out of your sewage system will keep your pipes flowing clearly, ensure better drinking water and limit environmental damage. To learn more about sewer cleaning in Durham, visit this site.

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